Wouter van der Wal

I am a creative Dutch Industrial Design student with a passion to change the world and an attitude to perform excellent. I believe in the creative individual, the person that can make a difference but only when he or she has a team that gives the best support. With my designs I strive to tackle the core of the problem by asking questions that make a concept surpass superficiality and assumptions while keeping the user involved all the time. In my daily life I try to combine my inner child experiments with the analytical qualities as a designer for social transformation.



Design is the combination of form and function. Nowadays technology determines often the function. How many apps are ‘invented’ every day? Which ones of those is design? Technology is a huge factor in our modern society but it is a tool to help people enjoying life. Technology should create experiences which will sometimes amaze people, but most of the times it will complement the humans. A combination will be created where people and technology live together intertwined but with the focus on enjoying the feelings humans have. Technology is not there to mimic or replace nature and certain feelings. Technology should embrace human characteristics, this is no noise in a large data set, it determines how everyone is as a unique person and design should fit the real underlying need to make people aware of the best feelings we are so often trying to put away.

This world is not perfect and we all know that. But I strongly believe that we can make this world a better place when we work together. I realize ever day again how much creativity every person has. We need to stimulate everyone to be creative. If this happens impossible things will happen, I am certain.