I've been an avid photographer for years and focused more and more on video production in the past few years. It started with my final project at secondary school "My Digital Identity". In the past years I've been part of the group that created the viral video Canon vs. Nikon, I made a promotional video for Dutch men fashion brand Oger and I've made various video reports during the Dutch Design Week.


Canon vs Nikon 

Canon vs Nikon illustrates the flamewars between Canon and Nikon. This video was created by 20 people gathered from the Dutch internet forum I was responsible for filming and preparing materials for the shooting day.



Behind the scenes video of a photo shoot for Oger. Red Suit. 


Concept Lab - Dutch Design Week

Design the house of the future. Design case for 6 students. This is the second video which emphasizes the presentation and after party.  


My Visual Identity

My Visual ID is a video made for the final exams on high school. This video illustrates me, what I do and where I live and what I listen to. 



One of my hobbies is photography. On this website you can see some of the results. This hobby is one big training to see objects and moments on their most beautifull way. To find the composition that is appealing and distinctive. 



As a photographer and chief Media of the UNiD, the student magazine of Industrial Design, I was able to develop myself on several aspects, my professional attitude changed in relation to photography. People demanded quality and images that would fit the article. Furthermore I learned how to create magazines on tight deadlines and keeping everyone involved in the process. Teamwork is the most important aspect making such magazines.